Resonate offers the best hearing aids for your ACC funding. Guaranteed.

ACC funding for hearing devices

Whatever your funding level, Resonate offers you ReSound Nexia™ hearing aids. 
If you have a noise-induced hearing loss from working in a noisy environment or sudden accidental hearing damage, you may be eligible for ACC funding towards hearing aids. Your Resonate Audiologist will be able to assess your hearing and discuss if you are eligible to apply for ACC funding. 

Our solutions for you

At Resonate, we have two options available regardless of your funding level:

No cost to you

Fully funded, top of the line hearing aids at no extra cost

per month*
$49 subscription
  • fully funded, top of the line hearing aids 

  • unlimited support and service 

  • free upgrades every three years.

per month*

Frequently asked questions

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Am I eligible for ACC funded hearing aids?

You may be eligible for ACC funding towards hearing aids if your hearing loss was caused by working in a noisy job or a sudden accident that has damaged your hearing. Your Resonate audiologist will assess your hearing and discuss if you are eligible to apply for ACC funding and discuss with you the next steps. 

What is the process to get ACC funding for hearing aids? 

With Resonate, you can receive your hearing aids while you are going through the process with ACC.

For ACC, a full diagnostic hearing test is needed which will confirm your eligibility. This is followed by completing an application form with our studio team, then an ENT appointment and approval letter.

What if my ACC application is declined?

Whether or not ACC will accept the claim is determined by an assessment from an ENT specialist. Current legislation requires ACC to provide different levels of funding, calculated as a proportion of your total hearing loss. At Resonate we will always provide you with best-in-class hearing aid technology regardless of your ACC funding level.

If your funding request is declined, we can still offer you the same hearing devices through our Unlimited subscription for just $90 a month.

What options are available with my funding?

We have two options available if you receive ACC funding. You can use your funding to purchase your devices with no extra charge, or you can join our Unlimited subscription service for $49 per month. If you choose this option you will receive the latest technology every three years.

Does ACC pay for replacement parts? 

Yes, ACC has an allowance for onsite costs (filters, domes, receivers) and offsite costs (repairs) to go towards your hearing aids.

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